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We believe in a sustainable internet that works for everyone

Digital advertising funds free access to content and information online.

90% of users would rather have adverts

What is Impression Desk?

Impression Desk is a platform that helps brands reach people with relevant online advertising.


For over 10 years, the platform has helped some of the world’s most recognised brands to buy and analyse advertising on reputable, premium websites.


Impression Desk helps brands to understand which adverts and websites have the most influence on their marketing objectives and helps maintain a sustainable commercial relationship between brands and publishers to fund online content and services.

Impression Desk supports industry initiatives such as the Coalition for Better Ads and the IAB’s LEAN principles in the adverts we serve.


This means we only serve adverts that are:

  • Light (to help your web page load faster)
  • Encrypted (to improve your online security, and to protect against malware)
  • Ad-choice supported
  • Non-invasive

We are members of the advertising industry's self-regulatory programmes

OBA cookie opt-out

We are committed to your right to opt-out of behaviourally targeted advertising.

To opt out of personalised advertising from Impression Desk, either click on the button below, or visit

Opting out of Impression Desk behaviorally targeted advertising will not prevent you from seeing ads on the internet, but it will ensure that you are not targeted by Impression Desk based on your online behaviour on this web browser.  You may still see non behaviourally targeted ads from our advertisers, or targeted ads from other advertising platforms outside our control.

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